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  • What is hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation. It is not a loss of consciousness. It is similar to savasana in yoga, the state you are in when driving on autopilot or when immersed in a good book. Three characteristics that describe what a person in a hypnotic state may experience. Totally conscious – you enter a relaxed state during hypnosis, you are not unconscious. Consenting participant – any participant in hypnosis must consent for it to work. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Comfortably relaxed – The path to hypnosis is similar to the path to normal sleep.
  • What is hypnobirthing?
    Hypnobirthing is a childbirth preparation technique and philosophy that utilizes self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualization, and breathing techniques to help individuals during pregnancy and childbirth. It is based on the idea that birthing can be a calm, empowering, and natural experience, and that fear and tension can contribute to unnecessary pain and complications during labor.
  • How does hypnobirthing work?
    Hypnobirthing utilizes various techniques and practices to help individuals prepare for and manage the process of labor and childbirth. Here's a breakdown of how hypnobirthing works and the key elements involved: Education and Understanding: Hypnobirthing classes provide comprehensive education about the birthing process, anatomy, and how the body naturally works during labor and childbirth. Understanding the physiological aspects of birth helps reduce fear and anxiety. Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation: Hypnobirthing involves the use of self-hypnosis techniques to induce a state of deep relaxation. This state allows the birthing person to access their subconscious mind, where positive suggestions and affirmations about birth are implanted. Breathing Techniques: Specific breathing techniques, help participants stay relaxed and focused during contractions. Controlled breathing supports relaxation and reduces tension. Guided Imagery and Visualization: Use guided imagery and visualization to create positive mental images of the birthing experience. Envisioning a smooth, calm, and successful birth helps to reduce stress and promote a sense of confidence. Positive Affirmations and Language: Positive affirmations and encouraging language are used to reframe the perception of pain and the birthing process. Words and phrases that focus on empowerment, strength, and relaxation help shift mindset and emotional state. Deep Relaxation Techniques: Various relaxation techniques are practiced to achieve a state of deep relaxation. These techniques help the birthing person release tension and allow the body to work efficiently during labor. Birth Companion Involvement and Support: Hypnobirthing emphasizes the involvement of birth companions who play a vital role in providing support, using calming techniques, and helping with relaxation throughout the birthing process. Positive Reinforcement and Confidence-Building: Hypnobirthing classes instill confidence in participants by reinforcing positive beliefs about the birthing experience. Building confidence and trust in the body's ability to birth are essential aspects of hypnobirthing. Practice and Repetition: Regular practice of the techniques learned in hypnobirthing classes is crucial to mastering the skills required for labor and childbirth. Practicing relaxation, breathing, and visualization exercises helps create a conditioned response during labor. Applying Techniques During Labor: During labor, individuals use the learned techniques to stay calm, manage pain, and work with their bodies. The goal is to achieve a state of relaxation that allows for a smoother, more comfortable birthing experience. By combining education, relaxation techniques, positive reinforcement, and empowering practices, hypnobirthing helps individuals approach labor and childbirth with confidence, minimal fear, and the tools to create a more positive and relaxed birthing environment.
  • Is hypnobirthing suitable for all types of births?
    Hypnobirthing is adaptable and can be used for various types of births, but its effectiveness may vary depending on the individual, circumstances, and preferences. Here's an overview of how hypnobirthing can be adapted to different types of births: Natural Vaginal Births: Hypnobirthing is often most associated with natural vaginal births, where the focus is on using relaxation techniques, visualization, breathing, and self-hypnosis to manage labor pain and create a calm birthing environment. Induced or Augmented Labor: Hypnobirthing techniques can be beneficial for induced or augmented labor, helping individuals stay relaxed and focused despite the use of medical interventions to initiate or speed up labor. Cesarean Section (C-Section): While the typical image of hypnobirthing is in the context of vaginal births, the principles and relaxation techniques can still be applied to prepare for and remain calm during a planned or unplanned C-section. It can aid in managing anxiety and promoting a positive experience. Breech Baby: Hypnobirthing can help individuals maintain relaxation and confidence in situations where the baby is in a breech position or a less optimal position for birth. VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean): For those attempting a VBAC, hypnobirthing can assist in managing any fear or anxiety associated with a previous cesarean birth and can promote a more relaxed approach to a subsequent vaginal birth attempt. High-Risk Pregnancies: In high-risk pregnancies or situations where close monitoring or medical intervention is necessary, hypnobirthing techniques can still be used to manage stress, anxiety, and pain perception, supporting a positive birthing experience. It's essential for individuals using hypnobirthing to communicate with their healthcare providers and discuss their specific circumstances.
  • When should I start a hypnobirthing course?
    The optimal time to start a hypnobirthing course is typically during the second trimester of pregnancy, ideally between 20 to 30 weeks gestation. Starting the course during this period allows ample time for learning and practicing the techniques to prepare for labor and childbirth.
  • Can hypnobirthing be beneficial for subsequent pregnancies?
    Yes, hypnobirthing can be highly beneficial for subsequent pregnancies. The techniques and practices learned in a hypnobirthing course can be applied and adapted for subsequent pregnancies, providing a foundation for a positive birthing experience each time. Here's how hypnobirthing can benefit subsequent pregnancies: Reinforcing Previous Skills: If you have previously practiced hypnobirthing techniques in a prior pregnancy, subsequent courses can reinforce and refresh those skills. It's an opportunity to revisit and enhance your proficiency in relaxation, breathing, visualization, and self-hypnosis techniques. Contact us at to discuss a Refresher Course. Managing Previous Birth Trauma or Anxiety: For individuals who may have experienced a challenging or traumatic birth in a previous pregnancy, hypnobirthing techniques can be particularly helpful in managing and overcoming any residual anxiety, fear, or trauma associated with childbirth. Tailoring Techniques to the Current Pregnancy: Each pregnancy is unique, and hypnobirthing allows you to tailor the techniques to the specific circumstances of the current pregnancy. You can adapt the tools to address any changes in your birthing plan, medical considerations, or personal preferences. Boosting Confidence and Positivity: Hypnobirthing helps boost confidence and instills a positive mindset, especially if you had a positive experience with hypnobirthing in a previous pregnancy. This positive outlook can positively impact subsequent births, promoting a more empowering and calm birthing experience. Remember, every pregnancy and birthing experience is unique. Hypnobirthing offers valuable skills and approaches that can positively impact subsequent pregnancies by promoting relaxation, reducing fear, enhancing confidence, and fostering a more positive birthing experience.
  • How long does the hypnobirthing course last?
    The HypnoBirthing course lasts for 5 weeks. It is structured as 1 class a week for 5 weeks. Each class is 2.5 hours long. There are a number of reasons why the HypnoBirthing International program is done over 5 weeks, but the most important one is the delicate process a couple goes through in ‘emptying the cup’ of all of the fears and limiting beliefs that could hold you back from having the birth you deserve. Then we ‘fill the cup’ with thoughts, beliefs and habits that will set you up for a positive birth no matter what turn your birthing takes!
  • How can I find out more?
    I am happy to have a free 30 minute information session to discuss further or answer any questions you may have. Please email to schedule.
  • How can I find and enroll in a hypnobirthing course with Calm Beginnings?
    Please see the Book Online tab for courses already scheduled that are available to join. If you would like to join an already scheduled course email If you don't see a course scheduled that works for you please email and we can discuss other potential options.
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